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Protect Sunninghill - Parish Planning meeting 13 May 2008

Parish Planning Meeting 13/05/08, key information points:-

 Excellent turn-out by local residents

  • Strong objections raised by SPA

    • Parking - Already high demand for local parking. Findings of the ‘parking survey’ are questioned. (Spaces considered as being available include those outside your home if you do not have off road parking, if this could be you, you must raise this as an objection).

    • HGV Access – Risk of climbing pavement. At least one existing highway parking space will have to be removed to allow for the turning circle. (Possibly 1 or 2 further spaces will be lost in High Street).

    • Residential Area – Lorry loading/unloading are will be adjacent/near to residential properties. Noise concerns.

    • Loss of local amenities – The size of this store and the goods it will sell will impact/close down of local shops. (It is critical that our village vitality is maintained).

    • Frontage - Open contemporary frontage will dominate the High Street (Tesco red, white & blue), and be out of character of the prominent building and high Street surroundings.

  • The Chair of the Parish Council asked for 3 members of the public to speak:-

    • Mrs Woods, Head of St Michael’s School spoke in support of the objections raised and added strong concern with regard to the safety of our Children, both in the playground (reversing HGV lorries whilst children are playing) and walking to/from school which will impact children walking the Charters, Hurst Lodge and The Marist. Mrs Woods also raised concern with regard to the additional noise which will occur.

    • Mr Ellison, Chapman’s Iron mongers again supported of the objections raised and added strong concern with regard to parking which is already in adequate.

    • Finally Mr Nigel Clarke, who has lived in the Village for 25 years spoke, once again support of the objections raised was voiced, Mr Clarke added a further concern with regard to access for the Emergency Services during delivery times (when the High Street could be brought to a standstill whilst lorries gain access to School Road) and with regard to additional parking of Tesco shoppers in our width restricted streets.

  • All objection points were noted and will be presented at the Windsor meeting.

 Did you know:-

    • Tesco plan to be open 17 hours per day Mon – Sat (this could mean 5 am – 10 pm!) and 15 hours on a Sunday.

    • They will employ 7 staff.

    • Tesco will receive 4 deliveries per day (at key times), 2 by 10.35 metre lorries and 2 by ‘smaller’ lorries.

    • The loading/unloading are will be near to residential properties (how nice on a sunny afternoon when you want to be in your garden).

    • Lorries will drive down the High Street, turn into School Road (probably mounting the curb alongside the school playground), drive towards the Library and then reverse into the site currently occupied by No 1 School Road . When leaving the lorries will drive out and manoeuvre back into the High Street!!

    • They’re planning does not included dedicated parking spaces for Tesco use (not even for their staff). Three spaces are included within their plan but these are; one for the flat, one for the office and one for the Chiropractor.

    • Tesco prices will not reflect those in their larger stores, prices will reflect a small convenient location.

What happens next:-

    • Parish Council meeting to take place 25/05/08, 7pm, Chandlers Day Centre, in order to ratify the minutes of the planning meeting, 13/05.

    • Application will be presented at the Windsor Development Control Panel, Guildhall, Windsor. Date to be confirmed, but thought to be 11/06/08 – watch this space!

    • Residents are urged to send letters of objection, suggested letter text will be available shortly via the local shops and St Michael’s School, should you wish to use. Letters should be sent to Linda Arlidge, Planning Officer, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1RF. Or e-mail Linda.arlidge@rbwm.gov.uk and must be received by the 27/05/08.

    • Multiple letters should be sent from one address eg Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mrs & Children, the more the merrier!

    • It has been suggested that we go in force to the Windsor Development Control Panel meeting via coaches, if you would be interested in this please either email Sunninghill@live.co.uk or telephone 07503 467785.

    • We now have Protect Sunninghill website, which will be kept up to date with information and developments, take a look http://sunninghill.org.uk/protect/

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