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Organisation Name: Ward Williams
Address: 9 Crossways
London Road
Town: Sunninghill 
Postcode: SL5 0PY
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Contact #1:Ms Katherine van Eyken, Business Services Manager
Phone: 01344 624114
Fax: 01344 872407
Contact #2:Mr Phil Grainger, Partner
Phone: 01344 624114
Fax: 01344 872407
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Ward Williams was founded in 1992 by two of the current partners and now employs 60 staff across its 4 offices.

We are a leading provider of quality business support and personal financial services to our chosen clients.  We differentiate ourselves through the range of services we provide.  Our client-focused services are delivered through three divisions: Chartered Accountants, Financial Services and HR Consultants, all working together from four locations in Sunninghill, Weybridge, Uxbridge and Bracknell.

Our business clients are entrepreneurial businesses operating in the UK and overseas in a wide range of sectors, covering marketing services, professional services, technology and innovation, defence, property and construction, distribution and manufacturing.  Whilst we have a dedicated team of industry specialists, we prefer to focus on the people rather than the industry.  We assist our business clients in maximising profitability, mitigating future tax costs and ultimately helping them drive forward and enhance their growth strategies.

We are committed to helping our personal clients, many of whom are the entrepreneurs behind our business clients, achieve their financial objectives by providing an all-round financial solution to help create, build and preserve their financial wealth and security for now and for the generations to come.


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