Save Money and/or Make Money with UW - the award winning British plc

Save Money and/or Make Money with UW - the award winning British plc

Hello, firstly please allow me to introduce myself, I am Linda Hopkins, a local mum and Authorised UW Partner, based in Chertsey, Surrey. My family has lived in the local area for 40+ years and I am passionate about helping people by showing them a way they can save money on all their essential home services. I can also show them a way they can earn extra money by helping other people do the same.

UW - all your services in one

UW bundle together your energy, broadband, landline, mobile and insurance into one simple monthly bill, saving you time and money to spend on the things that really matter. By bundling all your services together, UW can provide everything you need in one. And the more services you take, the more you'll save.

UW - a smarter way to earn
The UW Partner opportunity offers flexible work from home earnings for showing your friends, family, colleagues etc. how they could save money and helping them switch (if they want to), and UW Partners get full support and training. Anyone can do it, as long as you are aged 18+.

UW are the Which? Awards Utilities Brand of the Year 2020. 

And the UK's only genuine multi service utility provider, trusted by over 650,000 customers and fully regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom and the Financial Conduct Authority. If you'd like to know more about this award winning company please get in touch for a no obligation bill review. It's like an MOT for your bills and can all be done remotely and safely over the phone from the comfort of your home. It takes about 30 minutes to show you what UW does and work out how much you could be saving.

Linda Hopkins

Authorised UW Partner
Tel: 07971 320407

Book a No Obligation Phone Appointment with Linda

You can also visit our websites for more information and to get in touch at the following links:

Save Money with UW

Earn Money with UW

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