Xmas Ten Tips  

Imagine the scenario...


It's the 4th January and you're still smiling recalling the wonderful eleven days holiday you've just had. But as you turn on your computer and realise something is wrong, something is very wrong. The millions of twinkly lights going on across the South of England have caused a brief power cut which has corrupted your servers disc…and you've no back up.



We certainly don't want to continue on this theme (bah humbug) but it is worth pointing out that since businesses depend upon their IT infrastructure it is important to ensure that you have made adequate provision for the duration of the holidays.


Here are our top ten pointers for avoiding a Christmas catastrophe:-


C is for contacts. Make sure that you have a list of numbers for key suppliers including electricity, telephone, broadband and your IT Support Company. Check the terms of your support contract to find out whether you have the coverage you need.


H is for hardware. Make sure that unused kit is turned off.


R is for recovery. Do a backup tape before you close and take it with you.


I is for iterate. Don't leave it till Christmas Eve to do a systems check including backups. The boy scouts have it right…be prepared!


S is for security. Don't rush off to the party without making sure that both your IT system and the building that houses it are completely secure.


T is for TAX. Don't forget that VAT returns to 17.5% on January 1st and make any necessary preparations.


M is for mobile devices. Laptops, mobile phones etc now carry a huge amount of the companies data and are more likely to get lost over the festive season. Ensure staff either leave them securely at work or somewhere safe and that they have authentication passwords and PINS in place.


A is for access. Having remote access for IT Managers is a great idea as it allows them to keep an eye on vital systems over the holidays.


S is for software. Check the dates of your renewals so that no software licenses expire over the holidays.


! Give generously to your favourite IT Support Company. You never know when a box of chocolates could save your company!


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